Airbus A330 at FlightFest, Dublin


You can’t see it exactly from this angle, but that’s an Aer Lingus A330 flying down the River Liffey in Dublin. Flightfest on 15 September was a fairly unique event; if you hear aircraft over the city centre at all, the likelihood is that it’s the police helicopter which, in fact, spent a good whack of Wednesday evening flying over the city.

I wasn’t sure I was going to go; the weather was truly woeful in the morning and I didn’t carry my primary camera gear because I’m not really an aircraft specialist (there are thousands of people who are much better at that sort of thing than me. But I got lucky with 2 or 3 of the photographs I carried home on my phone; this was one.

There was a terrific atmosphere in the city, the sort of atmosphere I remember from the Formula 1 track in Spa-Francorchamps the last time I was there; a constant commentary and people walking around smiling. Despite the promise of rain, it stayed out of the way for the afternoon and all told, I really enjoyed the afternoon.

Sunset in Howth


Another one from last week sometime.

Windy Evening, Howth


My name is Treasa Lynch and you may not have heard from me for a while (bless me blog public, it has been 2 months since last I posted).

Truth be told, I have not been taking photographs, which is Awkward when you’re considering the purchase of a 70D but….really haven’t been taking photographs.

The photograph above was taken in Howth this evening, around sunset, facing away from the sun. It’s a long exposure – I can’t remember, 3.2 seconds or some such – and the highlights are deliberately blown. We tend not to see motion; I wanted to show motion. Deliberately. So these are the boats blowing gently in the wind, bobbing gently in the water. I’m aware some people will look at this and go “doesn’t she know how to take photographs”. The truth is right now, I probably don’t. I haven’t been doing it enough, you see.

Anyway, that’s all by way of an aside. I came to Dublin 14 years ago and when I look at it in that context, it seems an awful long time. I’ve been taking photographs in Howth most of that time. It is, with the possible exception of the Pen Corner on Dame Street and Pianos Plus out in the middle of nowhere near the M50, my favourite corner in Dublin. All human life is there, sometimes. All seagull life is definitely there, all the time, generally queuing outside Beshoff’s waiting for cast offs. All seal life is there and have they got the tourist fleecing down to a fine art.

For various reasons I find myself at an amazing crossroads, facing huge changes in my life, and a lot of decisions to be made and this to some extent, has led to my not taking time out to take photographs. For a lot of this year, I have been up the walls between college, work, and Considerations. Today is really the first time I got home and thought “I’m taking the camera for a drive today”.

So I went to Howth because it was a nice-ish evening, I could have fish and chips and generally, it’s photogenic. I wonder, most times I go there, whether I’ll do anything special today. I must have 1000 photographs of the sailing boats. I must have 500 photographs of the sun setting there. I must have any number of photographs of people walking on the pier. As for the lighthouse, I’m hardly short on photographs there. I have taken slow exposures, fast exposures, fire burning on the cliffs, trawlers in, trawlers out. Sailing boats in, Sailing boats out. Pictures on film, pictures on phone, pictures on the Big Camera.

If this photograph proves anything, it proves that yes, even though you may have taken 10000 photographs of a place, there is still something different to be seen, something different to be felt. It is a photograph I will almost certainly revisit at some stage. maybe early some morning rather than late at evening, when the light is falling a different way, the sky behaves differently, the wind and waves are subtly different.

Flags of fun


Enough said :-) This from the decor on Dollymount Strand a couple of weeks ago. I’m starting to like playing with the camera again. I don’t know why this might be.

Colours of the summer

Last week was the 2013 Battle for the Bay. I dropped down on Saturday, took a few photographs, got sunburned so had to stay in Sunday.

But I got a few nice pictures.


Like this one.

There are some kitesurfing ones as well but for some reason I got a bit blasé about the kitesurfing; other things, the flags, the kites laid out on the sand, attracted me a little more than in past years. There were a few carnival rides for the kids, and a stage with a couple of bands, and a very decent collection of food stalls. Plus some top notch kitesurfing. Bruno Sroka was there. As was Mark Shinn (okay that’s the kitesurfing name dropping done).

And the sun was shining which was really fantastic.

Surf school


This is from Newquay, Cornwall, a couple of years ago.

Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela


This is the end of the road for a lot of people walking through northern Spain.

A Coruna


A Coruna is the second biggest city in Galicia in Spain, with a population of around 250,000. Right in the middle it’s got a stunning beach – one of the loveliest beaches I have ever seen (particularly if you keep your face to the beach and ignore a good whack of the tall office and apartment blocks behind you), with the sports grounds of Deportivo de la Coruna away to your left. Away to your right, if you walk along what is one of the loveliest proms I have ever seen, is this statue of two surfers. It really is gorgeous.

The beach in question is a surfable beach if you have the right conditions. The day I took this photograph (yesterday), they had good conditions for both surfing and bodyboarding; the weather was stunning and the sea was sparkling. I spent some time considering where you could possibly live while having really easy access to surfing beaches and had not really come up with an answer. But I think I could more than easily bear La Coruna. More than Newquay anyway. I did not spend much time there but it was glorious.

The photograph – 40D with the 17-75 stuck on the front. A little bit of work with the highlights and black slider, and then desaturation. Easy peasy.

Joy. Pure unadulterated joy


I just want to say the water was freezing but they were having a ball.

Surfing Aileens


As I’ve mentioned before I am not a surf photographer and there are people out there who are five million times better at this than I am. Also they spend time in the water whereas I, I stand on top of a cliff getting vertigo instead.

This is from Saturday.