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Francois Colussi of Pure Magic Kitesurfing flies over Keel Lake (no – I swear that’s where he was – I was there too) last Sunday at the freestyle session following the nowind/competition the day before.

I bought a 10-20mm Sigma wide angle more than 2 years ago to do shots like this. Finally got the conditions and opportunitie to do them. This is one of my favourites of all time.

Okay, because I’ve been quiet, I’ve a load of links to provide for today.

Donncha: Fountainstown Sunset.

Donncha again: Kitesurfer.

Darren Webb: Stars.

Jonathan Grimes: Ha’penny Bridge Dublin.

Ryan: Brooklyn Bridge.

Tommie Lehane: Roman Ruins.

A few fantastic photographs there I think.

Also interesting from an historical point of view: Paris in the 1800s.

Some fun stuff with light from Photojojo.

War photography – the ethics – with the New York Times Lens Blog.

The National Geographic Archive – again, the New York Times Lens Blog

This is just a general note for the benefit of the people in charge of the Irish Times, Irish Independent and Irish Examiner. I will do a photo journalism blog for you if you let me. I would love to do it. When you see stuff like Lens, Like The Big Picture, Like Big Shots, like The Frame, and then look at the Picture of the Day sappery that comes from the Irish Times….as a photography blogger it’s very disappointing.

On the subject of BigShots, well worth a look from 18 September. Also worth checking out is this one from a day or two earlier.

On the subject of The Big Picture, the dust storms in Australia. And from The Frame, completely different, and dust free, Festival of the Wind, Bondi.

2 comments to High Flying Adored

  • Thanks for the links! One of these days I’d love to get close and take the type of kitesurfer shots you take!

  • Treasa

    Donncha, don’t know if you’ll get to see this now but I’m down in Garretstown now and again with a couple of mates. I’ll let you know if I’m around and maybe we can do something.

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